Is Drupal 8 end of line?

Drupal went to version 8 last year with various technical upgrades, there's an interesting article on LinkedIn here

I think the key quote for me is;

"First in line from old monolithic CMS's to fade out is Drupal."

I lost 2 major clients to WordPress in the last year, because they weren't convinced about the Drupal upgrade path and maybe weren't sure I could develop in WordPress; I've converted more clients than I can mention to WordPress in the last 2 years with great success, and am about to move my own site from Drupal.

Drupal stood me in good stead as a web developer over the last 4 years but I feel it's time to move on, and the single biggest failing was e-commerce, Woo Commerce on WordPress is so much simpler to set up from a developer and client side.