Old Bakehouse West Linton

I've worked with the Old Bakehouse for a while now and was really pleased to get this testimonial from Ian.

"I have worked with Steve Douglas over the past eight months in his delivery of our new website for the Old Bakehouse West Linton. I would highly recommend Steve to any prospective business, he has always delivered on promise ahead of deadline and has a good skill of upward management for those in small businesses with limited time and resource. I am delighted with the quality and execution of his work and have had many positive comments on our new website. Steve goes above and beyond and has been fundamental in gaining traction on social meida platforms through well timed and executed campaigns. In essence Steve is a part of the Bakehouse team taking away pressure from all aspects of e marketing.  In terms of value for money I can assure you that you will be very pleased for the output Steve delivers at a very competative and reasonable price point."